How to Become a Nanny with KBC!

What do qualifications do you need to be a nanny with us?

  • MUST love working with children!

  • MUST have prior professional full-time nanny experience (some jobs may accept other childcare related experience but then the other parts of your application must be amazing!)

  • MUST pass a background check and have a clean driving record

  • MUST be 21+ (unless you are applying to be a date-night sitter)

  • Ideally want something long term (1-5+ years)

  • Most jobs require you to drive and at least have a license, live-in jobs may provide a car 

  • Must have 3-4 AMAZING references that can speak to your ability to work with children be contacted via phone

  • Must be responsive and timely in applying and submitting your documents (most jobs need help as soon as possible!- if at any point you want an update or do not hear back from us the best way to reach us is by email

What do you need to apply?

  • Driver's License or ID

  • 3-4 References (one needs to be within the year) **you fill this information out on the last page of our profile template we email you!**

  • a copy of any certifications you may have (CPR, First Aid, Childcare related certifications, etc.)

  • KBC Profile filled out (this is a bio about you, a detailed list of work experience  a photo of you and anything you want to highlight about yourself to share with families!)

  • Anything else you feel would boost your profile, tell more about you and impress a family!

Steps to getting hired!

STEP 1: ​Apply via our website, indeed or email us your resume and contact info!

STEP 2: Interview

Schedule an interview call with us AFTER we receive at least your resume- to help you get the interview and job faster email us ( for the template of our KBC profile to fill out prior to the call.  

****If you want to expedite the process once you apply we will send you a link to our calendar to book the call, if you gave us your resume and didn't get the link then you can schedule the call under "Speak with us" on our site and click "Nanny Canididate Interview." We will call you at the time you select! 

STEP 3: Submit ALL documentation requested as soon as possible!

(If you wait too long the job may get filled!) (We need a copy of your ID, the KBC Profile, and 3-4 references before you can proceed!- you can email us this to

STEP 4: Zoom Call

Once we have all your documents especially the profile filled out, we will send you a link to book a zoom call with us!

We will answer your questions, get to know you better and determine together which family or job is best for you to apply for!

**You will need to check your emails and SPAM folders for our email with the link in it. Yu click the link and book a call at the time that works best for you!

STEP 5: Reference Check

We contact all your references and check in with you if we have any questions.


STEP 6: Complete your file!

We complete your profile, go over any questions, speak again if needed and then prep you for an interview with the specific family we feel you would be a best fit for !

STEP 7: Share your profile with the family!

We share your profile with the family we chose together and speak with them regarding your application and why we feel you would fit this role!

STEP 8: Interview with the family!

We coordinate and schedule an interview with the family directly!

(Usually this is a video or zoom call but can be a regular call-its determined by the family)

STEP 9:In-Person Meet and Greet

If the interview goes well, (we try our best to set you up for success and help prep you to ensure you are clear on what the family needs!) we will coordinate an in-person meet & greet and final interview with the family!

STEP 10: Trial

If the in-person meeting goes well we will scehdule a trial with you and the family! This is really where you get to know each other better and get to knwo the children, the tasks, the household and ensure you are a good fit! After the trial you will hopefully get offered the job and we help build, negotiate and finalize the contract/work agreement between you and the family!

Step 11: You're Hired!!

Our goal is always for you to take a job where you are happy, can succeed and want to stay long term- our process helps ensure this and we work with you through every step!


If at any point in the process you have questions, need help, or want to check in please email us for the fastest response!

If you are waiting to hear back and haven't heard back from us yet CHECK YOUR SPAM!

If not then  MOST LIKELY YOU ARE MISSING DOCUMENTS and should go back and review what you sent to ensure you send us everything!

(Mainly the profile, references and ID- we work with you on anything else we need)