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KBC Childcare Recommended Programs/Services

We are a local business on Long Island and we support other successful local businesses that if you mention our name you will get well taken care of! From local activities, programs, resources and more we try and curate options to help you in all aspects related to your child! Any questions email us

*KBC Childcare in no way owns or works for any of these companies they are just our local businesses we enjoy and recommend looking into!*

Local Recommended Programs for Kids

Soccer Program

Local Recommended House Help

Organizational Company

Payroll Company 

Resources for Nannies

CPR/First Aid Course

 CPR course information:

When you check out, make sure to input the Promo code: kbcchildcare

This will give you 10% off the class.

Resume Help 

We require a resume for all our nannies to list out any jobs you have had including private nannying, babysitting gigs, childcare work and any other jobs you may have held. If you got paid for them they count as a job! Use these great resources to help make an easy online resume. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

516-271-2112 (Call or Text Us!)

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