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Exclusive Access to Our Process and Tips!

Our team of experts have been in the childcare industry for years! We combine our experience of hiring, vetting and even being in the childcare field directly to offer as much help as we can. We offer an easy to follow e-book on how to find, vet and hire the right nanny using industry tips, questions and recommendations!

Want help hiring and finding a nanny but do not want to pay agency fees? We offer a cheap way to get guidance on the ENTIRE nanny process!

Our childcare experts wrote an easy to follow  guide on finding, vetting and hiring a nanny!


EMAIL US FOR A INSTANT DOWNLOADABLE guide to hiring a nanny!

In this book you will get access to:

  • Sources to Find a Nanny

  • 15 Steps Used by Nanny Placement Experts To Vet & Hire a Nanny

  • Best places to look and ways you may not know that can lead you to find the one!

  • Tips on How to Avoid Wasting Your Time

  • Templates to Help in Your Search

  • BONUS!! Expert Templates to Help in Your Search

    • including Nanny Qualification Questionnaire, Initial Interview Questions, Questions to Ask on the Video Interview, Tips on Running a Background Check, Reference Call Questions and Tips, Things to Look for During a Trial, Points to Discuss When Hiring A Nanny

  • PLUS 10% off any of our permanent placement fees (A $350Value!) if you decide you need professional help or just do not have the time to find a nanny on your own! We can help email us today at

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